Pastoral Care

As a church family we are committed to supporting one another and offering prayerful support to anyone who needs it in the parish.

The pastoral visiting team is made up of clergy and members of the congregation who have experience of visiting people in their own homes.

Contact the Parish Office if you would like a visit from the pastoral team who are always happy to pray, chat or share communion with those who find it hard to get to church on Sunday. The team can also arrange visits to people in hospitals and nursing homes. We hold regular services at Barn Close nursing home and also at Burnside Court.

Small groups

We believe an important part of being a church family is encouraging one another and helping one another apply our faith to our daily lives. This involves sharing our struggles and doubts and supporting one another prayerfully through life’s ups and downs. This can be hard if we are just meeting at church on Sunday, so we strongly recommend that everyone joins one of our small groups. These are groups of church members from both churches who meet weekly (mostly on Wednesdays) in homes around the parish. They are led informally and are free to plan their activities from week to week - whether that’s studying the Bible together, eating together, doing something socially or just celebrating or grieving together, depending on what is going on in the lives of the group members. All of the groups consist of people from different backgrounds who are at different stages in their faith journey and offer a safe place to ask questions. New members are welcome in all our groups, as is anyone enquiring about the Christian faith.

If you are considering joining one of our groups, you are welcome to visit any number of them to decide for yourself where you would feel most at home. For more information about the groups please contact the Parish Office.