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    First Sunday back at St Michael's after lockdown

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Welcome to St Michael's and St Mark's Carlisle

Upcoming Services

 For the time being our services are online, but we hope to get back together in church as soon as we can.

You will find our Sunday worship services on our YouTube channel.

Holy Week Reflections

During Holy Week we have some special Reflections which we hope you will join in with.

These will be live-streamed on our Facebook Page from 7.30pm each evening and will remain on the page after the livestream has finished.

In Holy Week there is often a focus on the words which Jesus spoke from the cross. This week, we will be unpacking some of the words which people spoke towards the cross.

Monday         ‘If you are the Son of God’  Mark 15:29-32

Tuesday        'This man has done nothing wrong’  Luke 23:39-43

Wednesday   The King of the Jews: ‘What I have written, I have written’  John 19:17-22             

Thursday      ‘This man is calling Elijah’  Matthew 27:45-50      

Friday           ‘Truly this man was the Son of God’  Mark 15:33-39

If you watch online we do pray that you find the online services to be a means of grace for you to know God’s pleasure, peace and grace as you worship Him! The services will remain available online.

A warm and friendly welcome awaits you at church; whether you are someone wanting to explore Christianity for the first time, someone who has been following Jesus for many years or someone in between. We use both modern and more traditional liturgy and a mixture of modern worship songs and older hymns. We are committed to teaching based on the Bible, personal Christian growth and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. Children are an important part of our congregations, we employ a children’s and young people’s worker and run thriving activities for all ages. We have been influenced by movements such as Alpha, Spring Harvest and New Wine. We affirm the ministry of women across the life of the church.

For our Safeguarding Policy please click here

The parish of St Michael’s Stanwix with St Mark’s Belah serves the area of Carlisle immediately to the north of the River Eden including Stanwix, Belah, Etterby, St Ann’s, Stainton and Rickerby. We are part of the Carlisle Diocese in the Church of England.

The two congregations are part of the same parish and we do lots of things together whilst maintaining distinct characteristics.